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Weightlessness.. What it really means..

Weightlessness.. What it really means.. It means you are in freefall so you have no support force. The people in ISS ( International Space Station) are free falling around the earth. Since they are traveling at the same velocity as the ship they are "falling" together. This gives you the effect of weightlessness. Although in reality you and the ship both have weight. 
Common Misconceptions:You only experience weightlessness in space.  There is no air therefore weightlessness happens.

Once you leave Earth you become weightless.
       This misconception is incorrect because If an astronaut was standing on the moon he/she still has weight, it is roughly 1/6th that on the surface of earth, because the acceleration due to gravity is 1/6th that on earth.

The normal force is what helps you interpret your weight if you're feeling heavier or seemingly weightless.
You can feel weightless as you are standing in an elevator during free fall. Therefore if you are going up then you f…
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Infinity War: Flaws in Newton's Laws

Infinity War: Flaws in Newton's Laws Infinity War was a great movie however, some physics involved included some incorrect use of Newton's Laws.  Overall I would rate this movie a PGP. It was interesting and although there was some flaws it was fun and enjoyable. 
Newton's 1st Law First in the Thanos vs Iron man fight scene Thanos launches iron man above ground and iron man suddenly drops. As Newton's law states and object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. Nothing touched Iron man while he was in the air, yet he drops straight to the ground.  Newton's 2nd Law Next is the magician Dr.Strange. It is very strange to understand how his levitation occurs. There is no 'jet pack' air anything! He is floating with gravity constantly pulling him down, yet nothing keeping him up. Just a magical cloak I guess.

Newton's is 3rd Law Finally we have Bruce Banner jumping in the suit. By jumping he is exerting a force on the ground, theref…

Asteroids: Protecting The Earth

☄️Asteroids: Protecting The Earth🌍 Armageddon, a science fiction disaster film that portrays an inaccurate version of destroying an asteroid by using oil drillers and nuclear bomb provided by nasa.
In January of 2016, NASA created a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to detect potentially hazardous objects, like asteroids. Mostly focusing on objects who's orbits can bring them within about 5 million miles of earth, and a size large enough to reach earths surface. Therefore introducing the NASA and FEMA conduct asteroid impact, table-top exercises. 
The most recent planetary defense conference exercise was April 29-Math 3, 2019.  It began with an asteroid sight on March 26,2019, and was assigned the designation "2019 PDC" to reinforce that this an hypothetical asteroid..Their calculations indicate that the orbit of 2019 PDC approached within 0.06 ay of the Earth's orbit, and with the initial estimate of the asteroid's absolute magnitude is 21.7; therefore qual…

Eraser - Typical Spy Movie #36

Eraser- Typical Spy Movie #36When you think of the actorArnold Schwarzenegger you can't help but think of a spy movie off your head, and if you're looking for a film that is a representation of a typical spy film here it is.

Arnold plays the role of a witness protection agent that protects a woman that rats out her bosses/corporation that's an illegal large weapon production company. Corruption ends up being everywhere and it becomes a mess. However a specialized weapon was created from that manufacturer and that is the well known "Rail Gun".

In this scene below, you can see the enemy attacking from outside the house. As he is firing multiple bullets you can concluded there is no recoil, or kickback. In order to analyze then gun and the machine, The law of conservation of momentum will allow the description of the horrible physics used in this movie.

The Law of Conservation of Momentum states:
    In an external force of gravity or friction the total momentum befor…

Mission Impossible 3 : The impossible Physics

The Impossible Physics of Mission Impossible 3
Cali Lafond
August 28, 2019
Professor Fragile

1st question what in the heck is a rabbit foot? Because growing up a rabbit foot meant good luck, but in this film its in one of those bank teller things with a nuclear reaction sticker... wonderful. However straying away from focusing on the rabbits foot, let's talk about the physics in this film. One thing that differs this film from others is that others don't actually show the physics equations unlike this film, during the scene of Tom Cruise and his other mission buddies calculating the jump/swing from building to building. ( Linked Here)

Is that swing/jump really possible? Tom Cruise takes a large leap while handling security guards and prior baseballs that were hitting the roof. Stated in the movie the first building was 226m high and the second building was 162m high and the distance between the two is approximately 47.5m apart. Now time for the actual jump. His starting angle w…