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Worm Holes Known as a 'bridges' through space and time. Using the theory of general relativity to expand this idea. Worm holes create a shortcut that could reduce travel time and distance. The image above shows the normal route ( curved area of 25ly) and the Alternative Route (worm hole). Interstellar mission is for the astronauts to find a suitable planet for life, using wormholes to decrease the time. In the scene below, they are traveling through the solar system, which would normally take many years, however only takes seconds/minutes in the movie. Overall I would rate this movie s PGP because most of the physics were correct; however I am biased on whether or not wormholes exist and are real.
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Worm holes.. Twin Paradox

What is a Twin Paradox? According to Einsteins postulates of special relativity, time dilation occurs if the observer is not in the frame of a moving clock. Or in other words in relation to the movie time runs more slowly on a space craft than it does on earth.  In the movie contact Ellie did not remain in the inertial reference frame while Palmer did. The movie in accurately portrays the twin paradox. Ellie feels a force or experiences an acceleration, therefore leaves the inertial reference frame. From Ellies point of view it lasted 18 hours, however to earth-bound Palmer it only lasted about 1 to 2 seconds. What should of happened, was Palmer should of experienced more time passed than Ellie. The interval of time should of been longer for Palmer. In order to fix the scene the recorder should of recorded less time on the ship than on earth, and Palmer and the workers should of passed 18 hours of time and Ellie should have only experienced 2 seconds of time passed.  

Charlie's Angels, Diaz's Kick

Charlie's Angels Charlie's Angels is a classic female empowerment movie, but the physics in this movie are extremely incorrect. Particularly, this scene below Diaz vs. Intruder. I will be analyzing this scene due to the Law of Momentum broken. If the law was correct Diaz would experience a  force in the opposite direction, however, she just stands put. Total momentum of an isolated system is conserved and therefore, she would experience a change after kicking the intruder.  I began by using the law of momentum formula, the initial momentum should be equal to the final momentum. Next I began to solve for the final velocity of Diaz. After I plugged in the correct numbers and units. Her 'recoil' velocity is .4496 m/s therefore she would move after the kick. 

Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction

Development of Weapons of Mass Destruction There is a major argument of the development of weapons of mass destruction, and the use. I believe morally that the development of weapons of mass destruction should be discontinued. Creating these weapons causes a great threat to the world. A single nuclear bomb can destroy a city. Chemical weapons can also hurt through direct contact. What happens in the process of creating these weapons and one little slip and whole new problem occurred. Just having mass destruction in governments possession causes harm, it creates tensions between countries and could potentially turn into a nuclear war. Also scientists or nuclear experts cannot create a weapon of mass destruction without testing it. Testing can also be potentially dangerous, whether they are testing far away from humans or in the middle of the sea, they are damaging something. 

Global Warming: What does it mean?

Global Warming🌍 What it means? How does it happen?  🌞Us humans live in what you can consider a greenhouse, we depend on the sun for energy. Sunlight reaches the earth and some of it is reflected back into space, however some is reabsorbed and radiated as heat. The greenhouse gases absorb the heat and reflect it in many directions warming the earth.  🌬Gases that contribute to the greenhouse effect are : Water Vapor, Nitrous Oxide, Methane, and Carbon Dioxide.  🔥The debate on global warming is based on the role of human activity. Somethings that are effecting the natural greenhouse is the burning of fossil fuels like coal; which is increasing the concentration of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere. Climate change and global warming is scary, there are many consequences. Some consequences include, warming the oceans and partially melting glaciers of ice, the warmer the ocean the increase of higher sea levels. The effects of global warmi

Weightlessness.. What it really means..

Weightlessness.. What it really means.. It means you are in freefall so you have no support force. The people in ISS ( International Space Station) are free falling around the earth. Since they are traveling at the same velocity as the ship they are "falling" together. This gives you the effect of weightlessness. Although in reality you and the ship both have weight.  Common Misconceptions: You only experience weightlessness in space.  There is no air therefore weightlessness happens. Once you leave Earth you become weightless.        This misconception is incorrect because If an astronaut was standing on the moon he/she still has weight, it is roughly 1/6th that on the surface of earth, because the acceleration due to gravity is 1/6th that on earth. The normal force is what helps you interpret your weight if you're feeling heavier or seemingly weightless. You can feel weightless as you are standing in an elevator during free fall. Therefore if you are

Infinity War: Flaws in Newton's Laws

Infinity War: Flaws in Newton's Laws Infinity War was a great movie however, some physics involved included some incorrect use of Newton's Laws.  Overall I would rate this movie a PGP. It was interesting and although there was some flaws it was fun and enjoyable.  Newton's 1st Law First in the Thanos vs Iron man fight scene Thanos launches iron man above ground and iron man suddenly drops. As Newton's law states and object in motion will stay in motion unless acted on by an outside force. Nothing touched Iron man while he was in the air, yet he drops straight to the ground.  Newton's 2nd Law Next is the magician Dr.Strange. It is very strange to understand how his levitation occurs. There is no 'jet pack' air anything! He is floating with gravity constantly pulling him down, yet nothing keeping him up. Just a magical cloak I guess. Newton's is 3rd Law Finally we have Bruce Banner jumping in the suit. By jumping he is exerting